Book Review: 'Tastes like Human: The Shark Guys' Book of Bitingly Funny Lists'

Annie Bartholomew/Sun Star Reporter
March 6, 2012

"Tastes Like Human", a book by Noel Boivin and Chris Lombardo, was published in January of 2012.

"Tastes Like Human", a book by Noel Boivin and Chris Lombardo, was published in January of 2012.

The book “Tastes Like Human” explores ideas you would only find in the armpit of the internet and reads like a well-edited Wikipedia page.

“You are statistically likelier to be touched inappropriately by a person dressed as your favorite cartoon character than to win a lottery jackpot during your lifetime,” according to the chapter on 5 Unlucky Lottery Losers.

Interspecies erotica, karaoke-inspired acts of violence, and rotting dead bodies mistaken for Halloween decorations are all covered in “Tastes Like Human,” a book of unusual lists. Authors Noel Boivin and Christopher Lombardo, nicknamed the shark guys by their publishing company interns, bring their harsh satirical spin on aspects of culture that you never knew you were interested in.

“Tastes like Human” resembles a more sarcastic, mature version of the America’s Dumbest Criminals series. It’s a book of lists designed for adult children who grew up on reality television and microwavable bacon.

In addition to Pub Trivia material, “Tastes like Human” also contains practical advice, like etiquette tips for meeting the Queen, suggestions for how to behave on a first date, and the top 10 easiest college degrees.

But be careful when leaving this book around. It’s the type of smut your mother would discover and dispose of like your favorite band T-shirt with the naked ladies printed on it that you accidentally left in the laundry room. Chances are she would be less than impressed with the Top 10 Horniest Cult Leaders list. I was, but only because Jim Jones of the Jonestown Massacre was listed as number five.

The book was released just last month. You can purchase Tastes Like Human for $2.99 from online book sellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There’s no print edition yet, so you’ll just have to e-book it for now.

In the spirit of the Shark Guys’ new release, here is a list of the top four places to read this book on the UAF campus with its target audience in mind. Enjoy.

  1. The Wood Center Taco Bell
    Would you like a side of Cinnamon Twists to go with your self-loathing? How about this book instead.
  2.  The Lola Tilly Commons
    Let’s face it, you’re a college junior eating at the Tilly. You’re going to need some company while you eat your spaghetti by yourself.
  3. Geology  112
    During that 100-level class you are pulling a C in, invest your time in something more valuable like the Top 10 Jesus Spottings list.
  4. Your College Dorm Room
    Because you weren’t going to shower anyway.

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