Criminal mischief managed: Student busted for Gruening vandalism

Andrew Sheeler / Sun Star Reporter
March 27, 2012

A UAF student narrowly dodged an arrest warrant after posting bail for a misdemeanor he allegedly committed last month.

Corey Boiko, 19, was arraigned Friday, March 9, on one count of criminal mischief in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor.

Boiko is accused of vandalizing the Gruening Building early in the morning on Saturday Feb. 25.

Around 4:17 a.m., UAF police caught Boiko and an unnamed friend when responding to reports of a vandalism in progress, according to charging documents. When the officer approached them, Boiko and the other man reportedly fled the scene. Police caught Boiko’s friend, who told the officer that Boiko was the other vandal, according to charging documents.

When the officer contacted Boiko, the student reportedly still had paint on his arm and fingers that matched the colors used to deface the Gruening Building.

The officer cited Boiko and ordered him to appear in court on March 9. On the day of the arraignment, Boiko was not present in the courtroom and there was some confusion about whether he was in custody or not. The magistrate said she would issue a warrant for Boiko’s arrest if she had to. A court clerk discovered Boiko posted a $250 bail bond and the judge moved on to the next case.

Boiko is a psychology freshman and works for the student government as web director. He is responsible for maintaining the ASUAF website. In addition, Boiko sits on the UAF Concert Board.

Annie Williamson, executive officer for ASUAF, said Boiko notified her of the charges less than a week after the incident occurred.

In an email, Williamson wrote that “the crime does not directly affect Mr. Boiko’s duties as ASUAF’s web director, and his job performance is good, we would like him to continue to work for ASUAF.”

Boiko said in a Facebook message that he could not comment on the details of the case. He also said the charge wouldn’t interfere with his schoolwork.

“I continue to strive in all my studies, and will never stop working hard at school. I’m the kid in class that people joke about cheating off of on a quiz,” Boiko wrote.

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