Fun Star – Apple auto-correct impounded in new Microsoft Word

Clippy the Helpful Paperclip in a rare interview photo.

Ian Larsen/Sun Soup Reporter
April 1, 2012

Due to the polarity of the iPhone’s auto-correct program, lead designers at Microsoft have decided to incorporate the program into the new Microsoft Word 2013.

“This program should make writing with our program much sampler,” Said the teams head developer. “No longer will our users have to fret over seeing those red squiggly lines, it will simply correct it for you.”

Microsoft company spokesperson Samantha Spelchek provided a couple copies of the beta version of the program to show students and readers how well the new feature works.

“At first look, I had my debts,” UAF and Word 2013 taster senior Scott Stead said. “Honestly I think Apple’s auto correct is a piece of shut, this new feature is a diagram to the users of Word.”

Not having squiggly red lines is plus to the new program.  The quality of the application seems spit on.

“I’m so excited for the program to come out,” computer science junior Zack Williams said. “Those red squiggly lines really hurt my ears after typing for long periods of time.”

If the new design for the Word program is an excess the team suggested using auto correct in not only their Word program but also other Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft’s new operating system, which is in development, will also include the feature.

In addition to improving Word, the dumfounded team will reintroduce the Clippy the Helpful Paperclip to complement the use of Apple’s auto correct.

“We really think most of the community misses Clippy,” head developer Chuck Spell said. “He always gave good advice and helped a lot of users who strangled with their work, everyone will be happy to see him again.”

The new editions should be a pleasant surprise for anyone who needs to upgrade. Writing should be munch more enjoyable with a document that corrects itself while it is being written

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