UAF senior charged with felony forgery

Andrew Sheeler / Sun Star Reporter
March 27, 2012

A student who was expelled from the ASUAF senate for excessive absences is now facing a more serious charge: forgery.

Timothy Grediagin, 27, was arraigned the morning of Friday, March 9, on one count of forgery in the second degree, a class C felony. If convicted, Grediagin could serve up to five years in prison. Grediagin is a senior at UAF pursuing a double major in computer science and mathematics, according to his Facebook profile.

UAF police pulled Grediagin over for speeding  on the evening of Nov. 2, according to charging documents. Grediagin could not provide an officer with an insurance card when asked. He told the officer his car, a 1995 Mazda four-door sedan, was insured. The officer issued Grediagin a citation for failure to carry proof of insurance. The officer told Grediagin to bring proof to the UAF police station no later than Nov. 18.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 18, Grediagin arrived at the police station to ask questions about his citation. An officer told him he had until midnight to bring proof of insurance. Grediagin returned at 5:15 p.m. with an insurance card for two unrelated vehicles. Grediagin requested and received a copy of the vehicle information recorded by the officer who pulled him over.

An officer observed Grediagin write down “1995 Mazda.” He also copied down a Vehicle Identification Number from a provided computer printout.

Grediagin returned again at 9:48 p.m. and provided an insurance card to the officer on duty. The card reportedly showed Grediagin to be covered from May 13, 2011 to November 13, 2011. The card also showed a 16-digit VIN, which got the attention of the police. Most modern vehicles have a 17-digit VIN. The number on the card was identical to the one Grediagin had reportedly copied from the police printout.

UAF police printouts omit the last digit of a VIN. Police believed Grediagin gave them a forged insurance card.

An officer called the insurance provider listed on the card and learned Grediagin had called them on Nov. 18 to begin a policy that became effective Nov. 19.

Grediagin has received five parking citations at UAF in the last three years. All five citations were issued for the ’95 Mazda Grediagin was driving on Nov. 2.

After his arraignment, Grediagin was released. He has been ordered not to drive without a current license, registration and insurance.

Grediagin was removed from the senate at the ASUAF March 4 meeting for excessive absences.

Grediagin did not respond to a request for comment.

ASUAF President Mari Freitag wrote in an email,  “ASUAF does have rules that can lead to an elected official’s impeachment, including malfeasance or misfeasance.  Those would have been applicable to Tim Grediagin had he still been a senator when we learned of his charges, and I expect he would have faced consequences from ASUAF if that were the case.”

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