ASUAF Minutes – Sept. 18, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
Sept. 13, 2011

The following notes were compiled during the Sept. 18, 2011 Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF)  senate meeting. All senate meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at 4p.m. on Sunday in the Alumni Lounge.

Senators in attendance
Robert Kinnard III
Jennifer Chambers
Chelsea Holt
Will Collingwood
John Netardus
Jesse Cervin
Arthur Martin
Michael Golub (via telephone)
Timothy Grediagin
Andy Chamberlain

Senators absent
Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita
Hollie Seiler
Aaron Acevedo
Josh Cooper

Officers present
Mari Freitag (president)
Dillon Ball (vice president)
Josh Banks (government relations director)
Rosemary Paz (public relations director)

Cahill remarks
Cathy Cahill, president of the faculty senate, attended the senate meeting. She said that she wants the faculty senate to have a good relationship with ASUAF. Cahill added that the faculty senate will be revising the core curriculum this year. The core curriculum has not be revised since 1991.

Chamberlain and Berg confirmed
Andy Chamberlain was confirmed to the ASUAF senate by a vote of 8-0-0. Murial Berg was appointed to the Chancellor’s Diversity Action Committee by a motion to consent. A motion to consent is not a vote, but confirmation by lack of objection.

Budgetary extra
Senate Chair Jennifer Chambers said that the senate has extra money in their budget after hiring an office manager, Anne Williamson. Since Williamson’s salary is lower than that of former executive officer Sabra Phillips (whom Williamson replaced) the difference in pay will be moved to senate projects. The total amount that will be moved to senate projects is not yet available.

Club council concerns
Vice President Dillon Ball’s copy of the club council manual didn’t reflect the spring 2011 changes, he said. The first club council meeting had to be held within the first two full weeks of class, according to the new manual. By the time Ball scheduled a meeting, the deadline passed. “It was an honest mistake that we missed this deadline,” Chambers said. As vice president, Ball chairs the club council.

Club council meeting
The first meeting of club council will be held on Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Gruening 208. The council’s duty is to allot money to UAF clubs.

Blood drive successful
The blood drive was a success, according to public relations director Rosemary Paz. There were so many volunteers that the blood bank had to turn people away.

Assembly debate
Government relations director Josh Banks is working the with public relations committee to host a debate between borough assembly candidates at the Wood Center. Banks intends to speak to assembly candidates this week.

Leadership conference bill
SB 177-005 would sponsor 10 students to attend the UAF Student Leadership Conference in the Wood Center Ballroom on Oct. 8. The application fee is $15. The fiscal impact of the bill would be $150. It was sent to the executive committee for discussion.

ASUAF needs stickers bill
SB 177-006 would allot $500 for the purchase of stickers with the words “ASUAF” on them. It was sent to the public relations committee.

Conflict of interest bill
SB 177-007 would change the ASUAF bylaws so that no senator may vote on a motion that would financially benefit them directly. Senators would still be allowed to vote on motions that allocate money to organizations they are a part of, because they would not “directly” benefit. It was sent to the internal affairs committee.

Tote bags need purchasing
SB 177-008 would allocate $1,500 to allow the senate to buy 250 ASUAF-themed tote bags to give out at events. The money had originally been appropriated during the summer but the totes were not purchased. The bill was sent to the public relations committee.

Club council meetings bill
SB 177-009 would change the wording in the club council bylaws about when council meetings would be held. After discussion between the executive and senatorial branches of ASUAF, the senate decided to move the bill to the executive committee.

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