ASUAF Minutes – Sept. 25, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
Sept. 27, 2011

The following notes were compiled during the Sept. 25, 2011 Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF)  senate meeting. All senate meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at 4p.m. on Sunday in the Alumni Lounge.

Senators in attendance
Arthur Martin
Jennifer Chambers
Robert Kinnard III
John Netardus
Chelsea Holt
Timothy Grediagin
Andy Chamberlain
Michael Golub
Jesse Cervin
Will Collingwood

Senators absent
Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita
Aaron Acevedo
Hollie Seiler

Officers present
Mari Freitag (president)

Let’s fund a movie
“SB 177-002: Let’s Make a Movie.” This bill will give the UAF Film Club $500 to produce a short training video for new ASUAF senators. The internal affairs committee will be in charge of producing the movie. The senate voted 7-2-0 in support of the bill. Michael Golub and Timothy Grediagin voted against the bill.

Leadership money for students
“SB 177-005: To Sponsor Students for the Leadership Conference.” This bill will set aside $150 to sponsor 10 students to attend the UAF Leadership Conference on Oct. 8 in the Wood Center Ballroom. The money will go to the first 10 students who ask for it. Senator are excluded from the scholarship. The senate voted 7-0-2 in support of the bill. Robert Kinnard III and Chelsea Holt abstained.

“SB 177-006: Stickers.” This bill will set aside $500 to allow the senate to purchase stickers with “ASUAF” printed on them. They will be used for promotional purposes. The senate voted 8-1-0 in support of the bill. Timothy Grediagin cast the dissenting vote.

Senate to get totes
“SB 177-008: Tote Bags.” This bill will set aside $550 from the senate’s rollover account to purchase approximately 80 tote bags. The bags will be used as promotional items and given to students as a “thank you” for attending senate meetings. The senate had originally allotted money for the totes during the summer, but they were not purchased by then-executive officer Sabra Phillips. The senate voted 6-3-0 in favor of the bill. Michael Golub, Timothy Grediagin and Jesse Cervin cast the three dissenting votes.

Acevedo to resign?
Aaron Acevedo has expressed his intent to resign from the senate, according to Jennifer Chambers.

Committees may combine
Due to a lack of senators, some committees may combine for the time being. Robert Kinnard mentioned the idea, adding that the combination would only be for the semester. The concern is that several senators may become worn out, since many already serve on several committees.

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