ASUAF Minutes – Oct. 9, 2011

Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 11, 2011

Senators in attendance
Robert Kinnard III, Arthur Martin, Jennifer Chambers, Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita, Jesse Cervin, Will Collingwood, Timothy Grediagin, Christian Burns-Shafer, John Netardus, Andy Chamberlain, Chelsea Holt and Michael Golub

Officers in attendance
Mari Freitag, ASUAF president
Dillon Ball, ASUAF vice president

Water quality issues
The student government is considering an investigation into potential water quality issues on campus. Students have come to Vice President Dillon Ball with concerns about UAF’s water, he said. Both Will Collingwood and Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita said that paying for a water quality test would be a good idea. “That would definitely help the students,” Grzeskowiak-Amezquita said.

Boiko named to Concert Board
The senate appointed Corey Boiko to the ASUAF Concert Board. The board oversees many of UAF’s musical events, including the music concert at Springfest.

Sun Star ads buy
The senate budgeted $8,604 to buy ads from The Sun Star. President Mari Freitag signed the contract May 23, but needed final approval from the senate. The vote was 10-0-1 with John Netardus abstaining.

Phillips recognized
“SR: 177-001: In Recognition of Sabra Phillips” is a senate resolution that would honor former ASUAF Executive Officer Sabra Phillips. This bill was sent to executive committee for further additions.

Conflict of interest
“SB 177-007: Conflict of Interest” would not allow senators to vote on legislation that directly addresses them by name or that would benefit them financially. The bill has been sent to the executive committee for additional revision.

Budget redistribution
“SB: 177-011: Budget Redistribution” is a bill that would allocate $12,500 from senate projects to various committees and interests within the student government. The bill was sent to the executive committee.

Dance Party!
“SB: 177-012: Dance Party” will allocate $400 from senate projects toward hosting a dance party in the Wood Center Ballroom on Oct. 15. The money will be used to pay DJ 50/50, who will provide music at the party. “[DJ 50/50]’s giving us a deal,” Chelsea Holt said. The bill was approved by a vote of 11-0-0.

Free candy
“SB: 177-013: Trick or Treat? But Mostly Sweet!” would budget $200 for candy to give to students during Halloween. The goal is to encourage students to come to the ASUAF senate chambers. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

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