Police Blotter: September 28 – October 3, 2011

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 11, 2011

Vandal Scandal

There have been three recent cases of vandalism in the campus parking lots. UAF police do not know whether the crimes are connected.

In the early morning of Sept. 28, a UAF employee reported someone broke his driver and passenger-side windows while he was parked in the North Elvey Lot.  Nothing was stolen.

Someone broke a passenger-side window of a vehicle leased to the UAF Ski Team while it was in the Patty Lot on Oct. 2. Nothing was taken.  There were two vehicles side-by-side, but only one was damaged.  Risk Management was contacted.  There were no witnesses.

A 30-year-old male UAF staff member reported that someone damaged the driver’s side, truck bed and tailgate of his GMC pickup on Oct. 3. The truck was parked in the Power Plant Lot. No items were stolen.

No suspects have been identified in any of the cases.

Taking advantage

Residence Life reported a possible sexual assault and furnishing of alcohol to minors on Sept. 29 in Bartlett Hall. An officer responded. The suspects are two UAF male residents who are older than 21.

Not acceptable

A neighbor reported an argument in Hess Village and an officer responded. Police determined there had been domestic violence. A 21-year-old man from Koyuk was arrested, banned from all university property and transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center. He was charged with shoving the female victim and trying to keep her from reporting the crime by taking her cell phone. The man is not affiliated with UAF and the victim is a resident on campus.

Run… forest run

A residence assistant was asking questions to guests who were signing into Lathrop Hall on Oct. 2 when the several intoxicated individuals refused to identify themselves and ran off into the woods.  They hid there until a UAF community service officer spotted them hiding behind a grassy hill.  The officer cited a 20-year-old male UAF resident and a 19-year-old woman from Fairbanks for underage alcohol consumption, then released them. Police also  The woman was also banned from UAF and a third person was given a disorderly conduct warning and released.

I’m fine, officerrr

Alaska State Troopers requested assistance from the UAF Police Department Oct. 2. There was an argument between a man and a woman at the Sandvick Apartments.  The 28-year-old man from North Pole parked his vehicle in the middle of a road.  He stumbled outside the vehicle, then stepped back into the vehicle. When an officer came to talk to him, he waved for the officer to go around his vehicle.  He was arrested and transported to Fairbanks Correctional Center and charged with DUI, driving while license was suspended, and violation of conditions of probation.

Left in the dark

UAF police stopped a 19-year-old female driver from Fairbanks on Oct. 3 because she didn’t have her headlights on.  She was driving without a license. Police arrested her and transported her to Fairbanks Correctional Center. They charged her with driving without a valid license and possession of marijuana and a marijuana pipe.

Tinted Trouble

A 17-year-old girl was stopped on North Tanana Loop Oct. 2 for having tinted driver and passenger-side windows. The officer noticed an open alcoholic beverage container and found out she was intoxicated. She was cited as a minor consuming alcohol and warned for tobacco possession.  She was transported to a relative’s home.

Advice for the week:  Several items have been stolen from the Patty Gym and SRC lockers in the last few weeks.  This is common, so everyone should make sure to put locks on their lockers for extra protection.  Also, try not to leave valuable items in lockers or in cars.  Considering the recent string of vandalism in the parking lots, do not leave expensive items visible.

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  1. Sean R Bledsoe says:

    Over the years the Sun Star has reported almost weekly that the University Police Department has banned various people from all UAF property. This is erroneous reporting as, according to Magistrate Bethany Spalding Harbison, “UAFPD doesn’t have that authority.” One might note the obvious fact that no one has ever been charged with violating their ‘ban’ because there’s no statute to violate.

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