KSUA 91.5 Notes: Daft Punk and dancing at #akpressclub

Brady Gross/Sun Star Columnist
April 23, 2013

This last weekend, nine Sun Star and journalism students and I drove a quick 360 miles to Anchorage to attend the annual Alaska Press Club Conference. The conference took place from Thursday, April 17, through Saturday, April 20 and covered a slew of topics in all areas of journalism including broadcast, print and new media.

These are the facts. But Press Club was so much more and there is entirely no way to expound upon the sheer amount of awe-inspiring content and ideas that were presented and absorbed. daft-punk-get-lucky

Since it’s well known that my own mind is always somehow absorbing music, I of course noticed some things; like the unstoppable force of Daft Punk and particular songs you wouldn’t expect particular professors to know all the words to.

Daft Punk is back and every one is happy. Ok, probably a little more than happy. Their first single in eight years “Get Lucky” dropped on Friday, April 19, and broke Spotify records with the biggest streaming day ever for a single track in the U.S. and U.K. In addition Coachella, a festival in California that has been occupying every social media outlet these last two weekends, was also beat out by Daft Punk. Receiving more trending activity on Twitter over headlining acts such as Phoenix and Blur, Daft Punk didn’t even have to show up and perform.

Throughout our time in Anchorage it became apparent that “Get Lucky,” was not only the biggest thing in the country, but also the unofficial theme to Press Club. Social Media & Video Innovation Editor at The Wall Street Journal Neil Mann talked of the new single in passing multiple times. NPR Data Journalist Lam Thuy Vo not only gushed about the single but used it to start off her panel on Friday.

That wasn’t all. At the Award-Banquet-turned-dance-party, “Get Lucky” sparked a groove journalists from Kenai to Fairbanks couldn’t keep locked inside their power suits. Even our own Editor-in-Chief Elika Roohi admitted “This is just such a great song. No wonder it was the theme of Press Club.”

While taking a break from the dance floor I chatted with NPR Journalist Robert Smith who said that he didn’t expect Alaskans to be so into “Hip-Hop and ‘80s music.” Yup. Robert Smith definitely summed that up, which makes sense due to the whole Sun Star staff realizing he is a literal journalistic genius throughout Press Club.

Just like Daft Punk, I felt like I was getting pretty lucky myself witnessing an event that should be probably be marked in the Journalism Department history books somewhere. UAF Journalism Professor Lynn Lott not only could dance but also knew every lyric of Macklamore’s “Thrift Shop” and some random iconic Snoop Dogg song. Impressed? Uh.. completely.

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