KSUA 91.5 Notes: Grace/Confusion and People Get Ready reviewed

Brady Gross/Sun Star Columnist

Artist: Memory Tapesgrace
Album: Grace/Confusion

An interesting thing has happened among artists previously associated with the genre coined ‘chill-wave.’ Musicians have realized that the genre really never existed and is just a description of how music was perceived at a particular exact moment. Memory Tapes was one of those musicians but has since become a born anew musician trying to forget his shaded past while forging an everlasting path ahead.  Like most journeys and the album title itself, there are slips here, but only noticeable if you knew where the adventurer started in the first place. Quite simply to the first-time listener, ‘Grace/Confusion’ is an enjoyable indie-rock album.

Essential Tracks: “Neighborhood” and “Through the Field”


Artist: People Get Readyhomepage_large.0cfce771
Album: S/T

With an urgency reminiscent of lead singer Dave Longstreth from The Dirty Projectors, Steven Reker wears his late ’90s influences so clearly, it’s hard to see the originality shining through. Yeasayer, the aforementioned Dirty Projectors, and David Bryne all come to mind with these indie pop imitations. Like a musical strobe light,  these songs’ affections are refreshing for just as long as you can forget there is the same sound already established behind that flashing disturbance. People Get Ready does pay great attention to minuscule details in their elaborate arrangements. But we’ll see if on their next release, that curates a more unique sound then the copycat personality shown here.

Essential Tracks: “Orange Grove” and “Shoe”

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