KSUA 91.5 Notes: Summer Recap

Brady Gross/Sun Star Columnist
Sept. 24, 2013

Alright, we’ve been surrounding ourselves with books and professors and salads (no more Taco Bell) and due dates and whatever else the beginning of a new semester at college brings in September each year. Enough! I think it’s time KSUA gives you some entertainment to unwind a little bit and get back to knowing there is more to life than the choice between spinach, spring mix or mesclun greens.

This summer while most of you were gallivanting around the globe having an absolute blast, KSUA was hard at work keeping up with discovering new music and populating the airwaves with weird shit. Not only that, but our multimedia department decided, hey, let’s make a movie.

Lots of new albums are coming out this fall for your enjoyment, but I’m pretty sure the one that will be getting the most attention is Arcade Fire’s next effort, “Reflektor”. They released their album-titled first single a few weeks ago. Not only did it happen to have David Bowie featured; it also caused quite the stir when they marketed the single around the world through the use of graffiti.

That was one of the better things that came out of the end of summer. In other music news, which most certainly isn’t news at this point, is the undeniable shit-show of an artist, Miley Cyrus. She managed to show the world that yes, teddy bears can be creepy and gave away the spoiler that Robin Thicke will be cast as Bettlejuice in an upcoming remake.

While I get a personal kick out of seeing the general public freak out about the never ending battle against freedom of sexuality and tongue antics, the whole debacle is only working in her favor – obviously, we’re still talking about it. Now’s she moved on to licking concrete blocks. The horror.

But we do get this little gem out of the whole deal (watch on repeat).

Enough about all that – there was some stellar music that came out this summer. A few of the mainstream highlights were Kanye West’s “Yeezus” and Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience.

On the indie side of things, we saw Volcano Choir return with their second effort titled “Repave.” Justin Vernon from Bon Iver worked with the band and showcased his never-ending vocal talent on multiple tracks (He also was featured on “Yeezus” as well. No big deal).

Deafheaven swooped in and released a metal album that is stereotypically long, but also managed to sound absolutely expansive and epic. With backing instrumentation that sounded like Explosions and the Sky were giving them hints left and right, Deafheaven scored a major success here with “Sunbather”.

Lastly, Empire of the Sun returned. Period. I had the the chance to see them this summer at Bonnaroo and to say that their live performance is intriguing and engaging is an understatement. I had a dream the other night where myself and a good friend were hanging out with them in a Good Fellas ’70’s style bar complete with coke lines on the table and dirty martinis strewn about. The only problem was – they weren’t in costume. We concluded that the band should never, ever go out in public without their outlandish headdresses and face paint on. Literally a disservice to the general public.

Brady Gross is the KSUA General Manager and a journalism student at UAF.

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