KSUA decides to play boy band music for a month

Elika Roohi/Fun Star Reporter
April 2, 2013

The best boy band to ever exist, One Direction. Photo provided by KSUA

KSUA prepares for adolescent April.

UAF’s award winning college radio station has started a campaign to play more boy band music on the airwaves this month in what they hope will become an annual event called Adolescent April.

KSUA sends several employees to the large music festival South by Southwest every year with the intent of bringing home students excited about new music. “This year the big push at South by Southwest was to get more boy band music our there,” said Rebecca File, KSUA’s general manager.

Music Director Brady Gross, who is usually recognizable by his rugged mountain man beard, shaved it off in preparation for Adolescent April.

“I want to immerse myself in One Direction this month,” Gross said.

The KSUA staff has put together a playlist full of high-school-esque hits to play on the station during downtime between scheduled programming.

They are also planning on holding a 24-hour Boy-Band-a-thon to garner support from the community, following the success of their vote-a-thon that won them the mtvU Woodie Best College Radio Station award last month.

“After we won the award, we just thought, where could we go from here?” File said, “and we decided to go with the Beliebers.” Concert Board has been following KSUA’s campaign since it was announced last week.

“We like to see KSUA step up and recognize good music,” said Concert Board member Cody Rogers.

Concert Board is so impressed they have decided to bring up the Jonas Brothers for next year’s fall concert. Concert Board concert announcements are usually met with a large amount of contempt from UAF’s hipster population, but Rogers is confident that everyone will be excited about the Jonas Brothers.

If Adolescent April is a success, KSUA is considering implementing weekly Taylor Swift Tuesdays.

“We’re here for the underappreciated artists,” Gross said, while admiring his cleanly shaven face in the reflection on the back of a Justin Bieber CD.

This article is satire. It is not intended to be taken seriously.

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