KUAC breaks fundraising record

by Heather Penn

Sun Star Reporter

Alaska’s public radio and television station KUAC, had a record breaking fundraiser this week at UAF.

The 2014 KUAC fundraiser topped out at $465,899.

The 2014 KUAC fundraiser topped out at $465,899.

“With tremendous community support, KUAC exceeded $465,000.00,” Keith Martin, general manager of KUAC, said. “This is a new record.”

The fundraiser, which lasted from Oct. 11-19 was chock full of challenges and guest appearances. A mix of faculty, personnel and students gathered in the lower level of the Great Hall to answer phones and talk on the air in between regularly scheduled programming.

Every time a new subscriber would pledge their support volunteers, a bell rang, but when a sustaining member called in to continue donating to KUAC a cow bell was rung.

A gong was struck every time someone called in and pledged $1,000 or more per year, also known as an Art Buswell Society member.

KUAC’s operating budget was reduced this year as a result of reduced state spending on UAF. As a result, KUAC cut their programming director position and made other small personnel moves to save $170,000.

UAF supplies KUAC with one-third of their budget. The rest is achieved through fundraising, according to Martin.

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