Lachlan Patterson on stage Wednesday at The Pub

John Seiler/Sun Star Reporter
April 16, 2013

Alaska Comedy and UAF Student Activates Office is bringing another night of comedy to The Pub with Lachlan Patterson. Patterson has performed on The Tonight Show,  Legit for FX, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and a half hour special on The Comedy Network.  Patterson will be performing Wednesday night at The Pub.

Sun Star: How long have you been doing Stand-Up for and How did you get involved?

Lachlan Patterson: I’ve been doing standup for 15 years this month.  I took a night school class called “standup comedy clinic” when I was in college and it was the only class I liked.  I sucked at everything else so I figured I should keep going.

SS: What are some things you want people know about yourself?

LP: I want people to know that I’m going to be around for a long time and I’m going to continue to push myself to get better so watch out for me.  I love what I do and I don’t imagine I will ever retire or quit.

SS: Is this your first time in Alaska?

LP: This is my 3rd time in Alaska.  Last time I saw a moose and I through a snowball at it.  Apparently that is frowned upon but whatevs, the moose was cool with it.  I also went to a Fred Meyer and hung out all day and bought some shoes.

SS: Have you done many college shows? What do you like about them?

LP: I have performed at many colleges.  The one thing I love about them is having to do a show in front of people that would never come to see me in a comedy club environment.  A lot of the students are too young to go where I perform so it’s awesome to get a chance to show them what I do.

SS: Who are your influences?

LP: My influences are Steve Martin, Louis CK and Seinfeld but the only thing I took from them is their work ethic when it comes to creating.  I write what makes me laugh.  It’s great to hear people laugh at it cause it’s like “hey, they agree with me. cool”.

SS: You’ve performed on The Tonight Show, what goes in to prepping for a show like that?

LP: Prepping for the Tonight Show is very boring.   I remember running the set like 14 times to make sure it was perfect for the show and it just wasn’t funny to me anymore.  Then they told me to just hold and they would get me a date within the next couple of months.  I had been in L.A. for a while and heard similar things from industry people so I wasn’t convinced it was true and I didn’t tell anyone in case it was all B.S.  Then, about two weeks later I was in court contesting a traffic violation and I got a message on my phone saying something like “It’s the tonight show, we had a last minute fallout, how fast can you get here?” and a few hours later, I was on stage doin my thing with Jay sittin in the chair behind me.  It was pretty awesome.

SS: Besides being filmed, how different from a regular stand up gig is being on a talk show?

LP: Performing on a talk show is fun but TV people always treat you like you’re a moron.  On one talk show I performed on there was a guy who’s job was to make sure I knew about the two steps I had to walk down before I got to the stage.  That was the only thing I ever saw him do.  I just smiled and said thank you but come on man, I can step down stairs, I’m not 90.

SS: You’ve been on an episode of Legit for FX, is it challenging to do a scripted program compared to stand-up?

LP: Scripted television is very challenging for me and that is why you don’t see me in a lot of it.  Filming Legit I was lucky because Jim Jefferies is a friend of mine and he helped coach me through the whole episode.  I had like ten lines in that episode and they chopped it to three which was a relief.  Three is great!  I do try and practice my acting in my stand up.  Like sometimes you’ll see me doing a bit and I’ll really get into it.  Sometimes the audience is like “wtf?” but other times it really pays off and it’s fun.

SS: Do you think it’s easier for you to get noticed nowadays because services like Podcasting, Pandora and others?

LP: Definitely, podcasting and internet media has made it way easier to gain notoriety in stand-up. More times than I can count, people have come up to me after shows and mentioned that they heard me on a Podcast or watched me on the Internet and that is what brought them to see me live.  It’s great to hear people are listening.

SS: What do you want people to know about the show?

LP: As far as how to prepare for my show, people should be warned that I do a ton of really high brow fart jokes.  Some of my fart jokes might be a bit confusing to the less educated crowd but if you read or are intelligent I think you will love the show.

Patterson will be performing as at The Refinery Lounge in North Pole Thursday, Friday night at The Blue Loon and Saturday night at Kodiak Jacks and all are over 21 events.

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