Last (Two) Weeks on Yik Yak, December 6

I tell myself I’m not a nerd compared to other people, but here I am downloading a sandbox mmorpg completely in Russian just so I can try it early.

UAA student takes a dick pic, gets a degree in microbiology.

UAA student opens MS Paint, gets degree in computer art.

UAA student makes an order for a quesadilla and gets degree in foreign languages.

Slept like a baby last night. Woke up every two hours and cried.

How do I face my problems when my problem is my face?

Subway went up a dollar. Riot anyone? #munchmoneyRIP

I have always felt like a crazy cat lady stuck in the body of a perfectly sane man who doesn’t have any pets. I want to make the transition, but I’m worried about what my parents will think.

UAA student finds a rock. Receives a degree in geology.

My study habits consist of actually studying for 10 minutes, online shopping for 30 minutes, napping for 2 hours, eating for 30 minutes, and repeat.

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