Last week on Yik Yak 10/13

Shout out to the guy walking around campus with a flip phone. I know you won’t see this, because you have a flip phone.

If you’ve got huge gauged holes in your ears and don’t keep Oreos in them for snacks, then what the hell is the point man?

I hate when my computer asks me “are you sure you’d like to shut down?” Like of course bitch that’s why I pressed the power button.

Imagine how SCARY snails would be if they were fast.

*slam dunks a pumpkin* “Fall is life”.

Being a man who isn’t very good at hooking up in a hookup culture is like being a pirate who isn’t good at reading a map. I can never find the booty.

KSUA radio is on point right f***in now. Holy beats Batman; this is some sweet cinnamon syrup in my earholes.

Looking for a virgin that I can get to know and respect them as a person without sex and then sacrifice them to our lord and savior as an offering to help me get through midterms.

When you accidentally hit yourself in the balls, then realize ah hell I’m never going to use these anyway.

Last week on Yik Yak is selected and compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor


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