Last week on Yik Yak, 10/20/15

Yik Yak is a social media app that allows people anonymously to create and view “Yaks” within a 5-mile radius.
These Yaks are selected and compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor

Did anyone else see the Sun Star article, “Yik Yak of the Week”? It’s just a reprint of the top yaks of the week, it’s incredibly lazy journalism and no one that wrote the yaks got credit in the paper. – Anonymous

If anything, the dine should be open later on the weekends. Get your s*** together UAF.

Why does the train gotta do that? Doesn’t it know that it’s freakin’ loud and freaks me out every morning?

I would have gone to Hogwarts, but they don’t accept FAFSA.

I wish losing weight was as easy as losing UAF WiFi.”

Me in class: *zone out for a few moments* “…So keep that in mind, it’s super important and will be on the final” Wait what???

In Donald Trump’s defense, China built a wall and they have almost no Mexicans.

When your boob starts falling out of your bra like excuse me ma’am, please return to your assigned seat

The cache raised the price of powerade by 1 cent… This is an outrage I’m thinking of boycotting

When you see your professor at a coffee shop so you sit an angle with your laptop screen towards them so they can see you studying for your exam

If you stare at your butt long enough in the mirror, you begin to ask yourself… What ARE butts?

I met a girl with twelve nipples. Sounds funny… dozen tit?

Instead of yelling “boo” this Halloween, yell something scarier like “commitment”, “college tuition”, or “long-term relationship”!

UAF= University of Alaskan F***boys

That feel when your prof mumbles AND has horrible handwriting. Like what the heckie deckie are we even studying in this class.

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