Last Week On Yik Yak 11/3

Yik Yak is a social media app that allows people anonymously to create and view “Yaks” within a 5-mile radius. These Yaks are selected and compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor

One does not go through college without considering becoming a stripper at least once.

So sick of acne. I’m way past puberty, just get the f*** off my face!!!

My crush and I used the same pencil. We’re basically dating now.

I need to lose 20 pounds, make $30,000 and sleep for 4 days all before tomorrow.

Some of the things guys to try to get girls on Yik Yak are pathetic. Post your Kik if you agree ladies.

People: stop crying and bitching about wanting cuddles and being single. 90% of my socks are single and they don’t complain about it.

Putting my GPA up for adoption, I can’t raise it on my own.

My grade has fallen and can’t get up.

Scarland elevator keeps up the spooky spirit all year long.

I got gas for $1.59 today, too bad it was from Taco Bell.

Can I just be my GPA for Halloween? That’s scary enough.

You want to hear a funny joke? Eduroam.

People wondering why they’re failing classes when they can’t even work the toilet flusher.

Someone is throwing snowballs from Constitution Hall!

Remember when we thought 20 year olds were adults and now that we’re here we’re just fumbling around looking for food.

Day 90: The fellow dorm residents have still not learned how to flush the urinal.

I can’t believe that October is almost Octover.

Why did I, the world’s biggest baby, decide to watch a scary movie on Halloween while my roommate is gone for the night??? Because I’m a moron. That’s why.

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