Last week on Yik Yak 2/9

Yik Yak is a social media app that allows people anonymously to create and view “Yaks” within a 5-mile radius. These Yaks are selected and compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor

First girl to reply with her kik gets an all expenses paid Taco Bell trip with me.

And that’s why they call him “oldplay”

It’s weird that they put yik yaks in the sun star, and then even weirder when yours is in there… But then again, ultimate popularity. Jk.

Geologists date, but they don’t date people, they date rocks. – Dr. Howard

I used to be addicted to masturbation. Now I’m addicted to sex. I guess it’s safe to say my addiction got…out of hand?

Whenever I don’t feel accomplished in life, I play sims, and get married, have three children, and start my career as a surgeon in one night.

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