Last Week on Yik Yak 3/1

Compiled by Molly Putman / Sun Star

Life hack: instead of having a crush on a living human being, punch yourself right in the face for the same effect.

How many UAF girls like bad boys? Because I’m bad at everything.

If you don’t put away your equipment at the gym, so help me, I will glare at you passive aggressively while I put it away.

*goes to gym* *parks as close as possible so I don’t have to walk cause I’m still lazy*

I don’t always get offended but when I do it’s not by overreacting to the name freshmen.

I’m so glad I’m graduation and leaving this University before the s*** hits the fan. Good luck freshmen or should I say 1st year student.

Police officer: Is this bed where the murder happened? Me: No I’m on my period. The murder happened upstairs.

The moment when your a** touches the shower wall and your soul leaves your body

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