Last week on Yik Yak 3/8

Compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor

*titles document, set to double space, indent first paragraph* *takes well deserved thirty minute break*

I get a strange sense of please updating and cleaning poorly maintained computers. It’s the nerdy version of restoring cars.

How The World Works, according to someone in my class: If it doesn’t happen to me or my friends it doesn’t happen and is not an actual issue that affects people.

Man I have a lot of money! … oh wait they are just folded in half, that’s a receipt, and 75% of them are just $1s.

I hope one day o become awesome enough to create a game or sport that uses a piece of equipment named something ridiculous (i.e. the shuttlecock) and have it become a worldwide known event.

That feeling when you pop over 80% of the popcorn kernels.

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