Last Week on Yik Yak 4/5

Compiled by Molly Putman / Layout Editor

I’m a lot nicer than my “walking to class” face I promise.

I strive to one day be as fearless as the campus squirrel.

Alaska: One of the few places where the season can change in just a few hours.

Imagine: instead of turnin up, learning up. Get your grades lit. Textbooks and skills, not Netflix and chill.

Make UAF wifi great again!

Everyday is April Fools day at UAA, because the Seawolves are a fucking joke.

Damn UAF back at it again pissing off students. Naturally uninspiring.

I’m behind someone at value village who bought $278 worth of stuff. I didn’t even realize that was possible.

Shoutout to UAF for finding a new way to milk another 300 bucks from every cutler resident.

Why did dine 49 just jack up all their prices? There’s 1 month left in the semester.

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