Letter from the Editor: Thanks, ‘some editor’

Danny Fisher / Editor-in-Chief

After two moves in as many years, our office settled in 305 Constitution Hall, where decades of paperwork and notes lay strewn over haphazardly chosen and arranged furniture.  We didn’t deal with it for the rest of the spring 2015 semester, only adding a layer of snack wrappers to the mess.  When I took on the role of editor in the fall, I had a lot of clean up to do.

Among the rubble hid framed awards won by the Polar Star and the Northern Sun, and loose-leaf certificates earned by the Sun Star.  Our archives were in piles on the floor.  A news miner delivery box was wedged between a pipe and the ceiling, and a New York Times newspaper stand was stashed in a corner.  I rifled through file cabinets full of interview notes and correspondence and found my favorite treasure: a sticky note.

The note was written in green pen, some reminder of how often the agreement that governs the Sun Star is updated.  At the end, it was signed, “Thanks, some editor.”

The Sun Star, like the UAF campus as a whole, has suffered from a lack of institutional memory over the years.  It took a good deal of research even to find out what year the paper’s predecessors merged to form your current source for student news.  The acceptance of this illness, reflected in the note I found, amused and inspired me.

Thanks to an amazing staff of editors and freelancers, this year we’ve made some big progress.  We’ve done our best to carve policy and practice into the walls of the office—certainly never literally—so that our organization doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel annually.  And, the hope I have that these efforts will not be in vain is strengthened by the publication board’s selection of next year’s editor.  Spencer Tordoff, who has acted as web editor this year, is gonna do some pretty cool stuff as “El Jefe.”

I’m glad to have been afforded the opportunity to serve UAF as editor of the Sun Star this year.  I’ve had some pretty great experiences with some pretty great people, and hopefully made a difference.  Now is the time when I’ll express my gratitude to the community of readers and contributors I called to participate in student media at the beginning of the year. To UAF, Fairbanks and the Sun Star,


Some Editor

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