Letter to the Editor: Alcohol Ban should be on the table

Dear Editors, Chancellor Powers, and broader UAF community,

As you are aware, there were two rapes in campus housing this spring and both incidents involved alcohol.

I’m not sure what the statistics are, but I would infer based on news reports, that most sexual assaults on campus involve alcohol.

UAF bans many legal substances and activities on campus-Tobacco and Marijuana for example, because we care about the health and well being of our students. We ban guns on campus because we have discussed the implication of a ban of guns on campus safety and decided banning guns is a good idea.

Yet, UAF sells alcohol on campus and allows the presence of alcohol at University events and in campus housing, even with the general acknowledgement that alcohol use makes UAF more unsafe.

I’m not “voting” one way or another at this time, on if alcohol should be prohibited on campus, but I’m surprised an alcohol ban is not part of the public discussion on a potential means to make campus safer for all.

In the least, such a discussion of a campus alcohol ban, would raise awareness on how alcohol is a factor on assaults on campus.

– Jeff Benowitz, research assistant professor at the Geophysical Institute

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