Letter to the Editor: Speaking out vs. helping out

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Dear Readers,

As a recent alumna, I feel it necessary to denounce the hypocrisy the student body has demonstrated recently. It is frustrating to watch as students blast the administration on social media about their alleged inaction, all the while opposing any steps that are taken to address sexual assault on campus. Specifically, the vehement opposition to the AlcoholEdu/Haven training modules and the $150 fine for those who refuse to complete it.

I understand that fees suck and no one wants to pay more than they already do. But how is this fee any different than the late fee incurred by neglecting to pay tuition? As long as students fulfill their end of the bargain (pay tuition and complete the training modules), there’s no harm to their bank account.

There is harm, however, in opposing these training modules without suggesting viable alternatives. You’re asking for change from the administration, and yet rejecting their attempts. That’s no way to (a) build any sort of rapport, and (b) see any change enacted. Without effective communication from both students and the administration, an impasse exists.

I challenge you to brainstorm with others, both students and staff, to find solutions to the culture surrounding sexual assault. To embrace the spirit of change, rather than squash it. Everyone has the same goal, but it will only be accomplished if we all work together.

– Kayleen Hansen

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