Letters to the Editor: To Whom it May Concern

Hello Sun Star,

There has been a lot of talk about Strategic Pathways and the possibility of some athletic programs being cut. On Sept.1 President Johnsen held an open forum to UAF and the Fairbanks community, and I was amazed by how many members of the community came to speak up for the athletic program at UAF and UA. I was not an athlete, but I am an employee an, an alumnus and a graduate student at UAF, and was moved by how many people came to stand up for our current and future athletes.

For all of the athletes I saw attend the forum, and any of the athletes out there who didn’t, I hope they know how important they are to this community. I hope they understand and take responsibility for the standard to which they are held and loved. They should always be proud to wear those blue and gold jerseys, and should always be careful on how they represent the university and Fairbanks. It may just be a scholarship or a chance to play a sport just a little bit longer to some, but I hope deep down they realize how much they are really looked up to in this small city of ours.

Those people stood up there to help represent you. Never forget the legacy you are a part of and the people of this city that support and look up to you. It may just be college or a sport to you, but it means more to many.

– Shelby Carlson


To Whom it May Concern at the Police Department,

Thank you for the notice, but your email left me wondering a few things.

Are you doing anything to catch this person? Are you doing anything to make the campus a safe place for women? If so, your email does not state this. Your email seems to put all of the burden of responsibility on female joggers to not get accosted.

You could have mentioned that it is not okay for men to accost female joggers, or at least expressed that sentiment by saying that you are doing something to find this person and put an end to their illegal acts. I am surprised at your insensitivity towards the victims.

I am an active member of the UAF community myself, and I thank you for considering my points.


-Kevin Hillmer-Pegram

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