Letter to the editor: Oct. 31, 2014

Dear Editor,
The role of the University Regents should be well known to you all. They provide both guidance and approval of university actions, programs, tuition, and policies, a crucial oversight role, as well as being a buffer and important shield of the university from direct interference by the legislature in university life.Letters to the editor
While that ideally is the role of the regents, the individual people, and the governor who selects them, matter most for the operation of a successful thriving university. Sometimes the regents are strong and helpful, sometimes they are not.
Let me say this clearly: IT IS THE GOVERNOR who appoints the regents. And in 2015, FOUR of the nine members of the board of regents’ terms expire. That means of course that whoever is elected governor can appoint four new regents. The student regent will also be a new appointee. Who is elected governor matters very much to the university because of this crucial juncture in the regents membership. A majority of the regents are up for either replacement or re-appointment.
So it matters greatly who is elected governor! My personal opinion as an emeritus faculty member, is that Bill Walker and Byron Mallott are our best choices for governor and lieutenant governor. Please be informed, and consider this regents aspect of the election, and I urge you to VOTE!
Most sincerely,

Richard Seifert
Professor emeritus and UAF alumnus , 1973

Contact : 590-7282

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