Letters from the Editor: Survival instinct

For as laid back as I may outwardly appear, I’m an anxious person by nature. It runs in the family; a tendency to plan for the worst-case scenario makes us a people who tend to fret over news, politics or even prolonged introspective thought. Even in the best and most relaxed of times the anxious vibes are constant, a perpetual undercurrent in the back of my head.

But college is not a particularly relaxing pastime, nor is the atmosphere of an election year particularly laid back. As midterms bear down on us and the election spirals further into the depths of the absurd, the hackles of any normal person are raised. In my case, they’re practically vibrating out of my follicles.

I’ll avoid another tirade about the electoral system for now, and I won’t advise absenteeism from classes (indeed, such behavior is why I first graduated with an AAS degree rather than a BA). But it’s important to not neglect ourselves as we get caught up in educational franticness or electoral furor. It’s very possible to risk losing one’s focus, to become overwhelmed by the saturation of activity and data that surround us on a daily basis. It’s very possible to fear, to panic or to lose hope, especially as the sun departs us for the year.

So, I’ll say this much; surround yourself with people you care about. Spend whatever time you can on the things that give you joy rather than the ones that erode your sanity. Eat heartily, drink responsibly, sleep deeply. Though our obligations are important, as is the flow of the world, they will ask everything of us, more than we could ever hope to offer. So, make time for yourself and those close to you, first and foremost.

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