Letters to the Editor – Nov. 9, 2010

Not up to standard

Howdy doo,

My name is Caleb Kuntz, I’ve been with the UAF Concert Board on & off since 2004, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being on the board it’s the fact that you can never appease everyone’s musical tastes when bringing bands up to Fairbanks. Let alone when you try to bring up & coming artists that people aren’t familiar with. Nonetheless we strive to bring up not only unique & new artists to the campus, but established ones that people recognize, such as Nappy Roots.

One of our greatest assets is the student body letting us know what they want to hear and what they like with what we have done. The Sun Star has helped play that role in reaching the UAF students’ opinions. Thus, my confusion when reading Amber Sandlin’s article about the last artist we brought up; Tobacco. The interviews she did do constituted of at most two-word responses and she painted this picture of the concert being nothing more than obscene visuals with weird music atop it that was scarring Fairbanks’ youth (her given musical description was copy & pasted from another source instead of her own). Criticism is one thing, and we sincerely appreciate it, but an article like this seems to do nothing but cast a shadow on the work we do for students & community. I realize there are deadlines, but if an article doesn’t seem up to standard for the Sun Star, can’t it be delayed and/or omitted?

Caleb Kuntz

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