Letters to the Editor – April 10, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am responding to the article in the April 3rd edition under the “Field Guide to Fees.” I applaud Mr. Bushke’s service to the United States Military. I myself am an Honorably Discharged Veteran; I didn’t retire from the military but completed my obligation. I however served during the early 80’s (the reduction in forces era) so I am not entitled to any G.I. Bill educational benefits. I am also a 15/16 registered tribal member which entitles me to both medical coverage under Chief Andrew Isaacs, and the Veterans Clinic.

I like many students at UAF pay for my education out “of my own pocket” thus incurring debt. By Mr. Bushke’s own admission he “doesn’t have a dog in this fight,” and that the government is paying his tuition fees. Unlike Mr. Bushke I believe that without all students attending classes at the main campus (not CTC) paying the required health center fee this low cost basic medical care would deny students that are not as lucky as Mr. Bushke and I to basic health need coverage.

I understand that Mr. Bushke did this as a matter of principle, but I respectively disagree with his “encouraging” other students to follow his example. I don’t use the SRC, pay for all sporting events I attend, nor participate in sponsored events but as with the health care fee I believe paying all athletic/SRC fees, benefit my fellow students even though I chose not to utilize the facilities.


Jeff Thompson

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1 Response

  1. Chris L says:

    It’s wonderfully egalitarian of you to pay for potential expenses for other students. Even better if you pay for actual expenses, no? So would you mind chipping in for my textbooks or tuition or rent please? Let me know and I’ll send you a bill.

    Signed– a fellow student.

    If not, at least admit that it doesn’t make sense for an organization to rely on funds coming from someone who is not going to make use of their services. It’s not a very good business model.

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