Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2013

Dear Editor,

As a preface I just want you to know I’m just a male reader and don’t personally know the parties involved in your publication about UAF Confessions.

I found what you published about the UAF confessions page to be sexist towards men. The main story’s focus about that Liz lady was a great piece of journalism, maybe with some social benefit.
However, the ending part with all the pro-female tones and cheery picked quotes was over the top. There has been lots of posts about guys, in highly sexual ways, that objectify men. Yet there was no mention of ANY of those posts.

Please show the evils from both sides next time and not just what appears to be projecting a victimized women’s view. The only woman I can see needing direct attention was in the main story.

Jonathan Schraff

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