Letters to the Editor – Feb. 15, 2011

A special thank you

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to whoever found my cell phone at U Park. I really appreciate getting my phone back.

Thank you.

Marge Wilson

Let he who hath no logical fallacies…

When someone calls you dishonest you can usually expect to hear a good reason as to what could possibly warrant such an accusation.  Sometimes there are good reasons, sometimes there are bad reasons.  What people don’t normally expect to hear, however, is for the accuser to turn around and admit their own hypocrisy, nor to actually go so far as to demonstrate that the accusation itself is a logical fallacy-a strawman.  This is what happened, however, when Bill Howard gave his lecture “The Dishonesty of Atheism” at the Reichardt building Monday, November 15.  Instead of a smart and well structured arguments intended to provoke some academic discussion, the audience found nothing but the embarrassing intellectual suicide of Bill Howard.

During the course of the sermon, it was difficult to ignore the compounding fractures that continued to creep down the logical axis of Howard’s story of the “Ahotelist”.  Eventually, it shattered completely!  The entire story failed to convey its message, destroyed by undermining its own suspension of disbelief.  The absurdities, double standards, logical fallacies, and embarrassment continued from that point foward… but that was just two thirds of the way through the first main story.  How can anyone take such a person seriously, after that kind of display?  This presentation has not only embarrassed Bill Howard himself, but the entire university as well.

Justin Heinz


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2 Responses

  1. Justin Heinz says:

    Hello! I forgot to add my email to the Sun Star article I wrote about Bill Howard’s lecture, so here it is: jjheinz@alaska.edu

    Please feel free to send me any kind of message you feel like sending. Constructive (or otherwise) criticism is always welcome. If you dont agree with me, I would especially like to hear any specific reasoning you care to share in support of your position.

    I do ask that you at least read most of the article I wrote that covers exactly why I have the position I do about Bill Howard’s lecture.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Justin Heinz says:

    Oh, it isn’t clear in this web version, but the full 3300 word reply to Howard’s lecture can be found here:


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