Letters to the Editor: March 25, 2013

Dear Editor,

The UAF has announced that Police Chief Sean McGee is leaving.  I want to comment on the good job Chief McGee has done for UAF.

I have been at UAF, in many roles, for over 50 years.  I have seen the “Security Department” grow from one plain-clothes person to the status it has today.

I have been very impressed, over the past many years, with the professionalism and caring attitude brought to the UAF Police Department by Chief McGee.

I am sad to see him leave, but I am happy that the UAF has had the advantage of his effective efforts in the position he has held.

Joe Nava

Dear Editor,

I write in support of the Nutritional Alaskan Foods for Schools (NAFS) program proposed on the state Capitol Budget. NAFS would appropriate $3,000,000 to locally grown foods for school meals in each of Alaska’s 54 school districts.

Because Alaska leads the nation in obesity and diabetes, improving the overall health of Alaskans and decreasing the amount of tax money spent on healthcare is important. Local foods in schools through NAFS would replace some of the soggy, unhealthy and bad-tasting school meals and would set a standard to promote nutritious food consumption.

Additionally, NAFS would promote statewide economic independence  Not only would the program increase demand from Alaskan producers, it would encourage more growing and harvesting of food in our state. Alaska needs to be more self-sufficient; several years ago only 5 percent of food consumed in Alaska was grown locally. Local food will make Alaskans proud and more secure.

I urge you to ask your legislators to support NAFS.

Shannyn Bird

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