Letters to the Editor: November 13, 2012

I’m voting no

Dear Editor,

On November 29 and 30, students will vote on whether or not to increase the student government fee $7.  I will be voting no on this question, for at least two reasons.

One reason is that a relatively small percentage of students utilize the services that these fees fund.  Non-traditional, graduate, and CTC students are all less likely to read the Sun Star, listen to KSUA, and go to concerts, but pay the same fee.  It is unfair to ask these students to pay more in fees for a service that they do not use.

There is also a lack of information regarding how the governance groups will spend their additional money.  In your editorial, you stated that the Sun Star would spend their funds on better paper.  Given that the Sun Star would receive approximately $31,800* per semester, roughly doubling the amount of revenue from student fees, more explanation should be given. The Concert Board’s budget would increase from approximately $39,750/semester* to $54,060/semester.*  What does $14,000/semester correlate to?  As far as KSUA goes, their budget would increase from $71,550/semester* to $89,040/semester.* Collectively, ASUAF is asking for a $52,997 increase in funds per semester.  Will students see a marked difference in the quality of the services that these groups provide?  Given a lack of a proposed budget, it’s impossible to say.  Students could end up paying 20% more for essentially the same service.

Don’t forget to vote.

Jennifer Chambers

*These values were calculated assuming a current budget of $265,000/semester.

Manly Manchester

Dear Editor,

I was at the pub the other night with my buddies and, being the friendly person that I am, I said a lot of things.  One of those things I said was a promise that I would write a letter to the editor regarding my good friend, Jesse Manchester.  More specifically, I promised that I would write this letter about how he is the manliest man on campus.  Firmly believing that a promise is a promise, here it is:

There are many manly men on this Arctic weathered, flannel and beard filled campus; but no man is manlier than Jesse Manchester.  The following reasons are only a few examples confirming my bold assertion.   When tables and heavy furniture needs to be lifted, Jesse gets it done without breaking a sweat.  While I didn’t personally see him move a table into my apartment, I can pretty confidently state that Jesse Manchester did it with ease.  No other manly man on campus can listen as well as Jesse.  When any woman utters the words, “I just want to talk about my problems. I don’t want a solution. I just want someone to empathize with my situation,” Jesse Manchester is the first man there.  A made-language-suitable-for-the-Sun-Star direct quote from Jesse regarding this manly show of empathy is “[Chicks] love to be listened to.”   Most remarkable of all, is how (Nerf) bullets just bounce off of Jesse’s chest–I’ve personally witnessed this impressive phenomenon and can honestly say that he didn’t even flinch.   These three feats alone allow me to proclaim that, hands down, Jesse Manchester is the manliest man on campus.

Editor, I am known to my friends for my fulfillment of promises and obligations.  Because of this, it would mean an extraordinary amount to me if you could please publish this letter so that I can execute the pub promise made to my extravagantly manly friend, Jesse Manchester.

Ginny Miner

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