Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2012

He’s got it right

Dear Editor,

Your cover photo, and comment last week shows your total misunderstanding of what’s going on in the Storm Troopers head. ¬†First, he’s not scratching his head because he’s confused, he’s scratching it because his head itches, and well when you have an itch, scratch it. ¬†Also, he understands that there’s a high potential of the contents of the box, even though it says there’s, “NOT a snake in the box,” that there is actually, and most likely a snake in the box. Finally, he realizes that the snake, most likely will take the form of an entity, and that even though it may take the form of a princess, maybe even our beloved Leia, he has the right to protect his home from that threat, hence his possession of his side piece. So here we’ve come full circle, and it’s clear he’s not confused. Any questions?

Cory Jackman

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