Letters to the Editor: Oct. 15, 2013

Ivory tower perspective

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Mr. Sapp’s letter to the editor “UAF in moral free fall” (10-8-2013). First off let me make it perfectly that I do not consider myself a religious person, do not attend church (except for Midnight Mass services). I am a 52-year-old nontraditional full time student at UAF. In the years (starting semester 2010) attending this university I have come to realize that school for younger students is more than just learning, it is a social awareness, and traditions experience.

Mr. Sapp refers to the fact that FRA received 523 tons of clothing and fabric items last year, what he fails to mention is how many of these donated items were useable. Many people donate items when they are cleaning out closets and not all are useable or wearable. These students (and community members) donated items and had a “traditional run.” They weren’t naked nor nearly naked (I have seen skimpier summer items worn), they weren’t coerced into participating.

Mr. Sapp asks how “what possible significance did the scant amount of clothing” provided make a difference. I would respectively suggest that as the Coordinator of Campus Bible Ministries, he also question how pennies, nickels, and quarters donated by generous people can make a difference during the “red kettle campaign,” and throughout the year. This university (as with all) have deep traditions and while not all students agree with them, I can’t see how the offices of LIVE is advocating students to disrobe and run “nearly nude” in public.

I myself don’t think the volunteers that are trying to pass out religious literature at public entrances at UAF buildings (usually at least once a semester) should be allowed to, but I realize that our country’s First Amendment gives them that the right. In my opinion these runners also have a constitutional right to self-expression free of judgment from those that live in the Ivory Towers.

This is only my opinion.

Jeff Thompson

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