Letters to the Editor – April 3, 2012

Cover movies not ASUAF

I thought the disclaimer in your editorial this week was a little disingenuous. You say that you have no interest in making the ASUAF look bad but then you devote the editorial and two articles to exposing why ASUAF sucks and its members are degenerates. I mean if you weren’t interested in making them look bad why would you write two articles about how its members are lawbreakers instead of just putting the incidents in the police blotter like you do with everyone else?  Just be upfront about it; the Sun Star and ASUAF have an antagonistic relationship, you personally don’t like the organization and you feel justified in devoting a disproportionate amount of articles to complaining about it.  Trust me people will respect the paper more if you’re just honest about where you stand. But that the fact of the matter is that the only people who really care about ASUAF are the people in it and the Sun Star staff so you’d be reaching more students if you dropped all the ASUAF coverage and wrote movie reviews.

Kaitlin Johnson

Vote for senators committed to serving UAF

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for bringing attention to the issues plaguing ASUAF in your editorial last week. I find it shocking and appalling that not only do so many senators have numerous absences, but that half of the long-term absentees aren’t even kicked out when it comes to a vote. They say 90% of life is just showing up and, obviously, some senators can’t even do that! It’s about time they were removed and if ASUAF won’t do it themselves, then the voters will have to do it for them.

Also, before ASUAF looks into giving themselves monetary rewards, they should maybe consider spending the money elsewhere. For example, I think it is unfortunate the Sun Star fee was kept off the ballot last fall. I would much rather have my student fees ensuring free and unbiased media on campus than going into the pocket of useless senators.

Unfortunately for ASUAF, it seems a few bad apples are spoiling the whole bunch. Hopefully, your editorial will galvanize student voters to remedy this problem and vote for senators who are committed to serving the UAF community.


Paul Tschida

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  1. Chris L says:

    Kaitlin: your objections make no sense. ASUAF’s incompetence is a big story. Movie reviews are not. Newspapers exist not to cater to the lowest common denominator, but to communicate THE NEWS. If you want the lowest common denominator, check out your television. That’s the entertainment industry’s job. If you want movie reviews, read the New Yorker or People.

    You, as a student, as well as all others, should have an “antagonistic relationship” with a group that mismanages YOUR money and exhibits a complete lack of professionalism.

    The ASUAF shoe fits. They should have to wear it.

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