Lil Music Reviews: GBC’s “CÅSTLES II” and SLUGGA’s “TO THA SKYY”

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I talked a lil bit about gothboiclique in a column earlier this year where I reviewed Lil Tracy’s manga. They are a sub group within the larger THRAXXHOUSE based out of Seattle. However, they are quickly gaining more traction and recognition due to Lil Peep (previously of schemaposse). Peep was in the first Lil Music Review column of last year, but has changed his style quite a bit since then.

Some people have been comparing him to Kid Rock (lol), but I still think he’s a little more like Bones and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Because of his “white trash” image, he gets a lot of flak. However, some of his songs are undeniably earworms, and his plays/views are reflecting that.

“Castles,” the first one, came out on Lil Peep’s soundcloud. Its a collaboration series between Lil Tracy (formerly Yung Bruh) and Peep. “CÅSTLES II” takes what “castles” one did to the next level.

Every song on “castles” was produced by Nedarb Nagrom (who is an awesome producer that has contributed to countless underground releases in the last four years). Slug Christ even featured on the first track, but it still falls short. The title track bangs, nothing to critique on that one. “white wine” the most popular track from the first release pales in comparison to the last track on “CÅSTLES II.”

On “CÅSTLES II,” BigHead (one of my fav producers atm) and Charlie Shuffler (one of the best at the emo goth beats right now) alternate on production. “Never Eat, Never Sleep” Lil Peep goes in, he’s getting better at singing, and Tracy, oh my, he kills it. “Dying Out West” sounds like we are about to start a new season of One Tree Hill. The claps are perfectly placed and Peep is actually on point this song. Reminds of the good “Star Shopping” days. Lil Tracy doesn’t hold back either.

“WitchBlades” is the song that’s going off right now (like “White Wine” last year), except its turning past Peep haters into fans. I wanna say it’s just because Tracy goes hard as hell on this one, but the way Peep sings along to the beat makes it almost too catchy. Shouts out to YungCortex for this one as well.

“in high school was a loner, I was reject, -*beat cuts out*- I was a poser”

That line from Tracy’s verse gets me every time. You think he’s gonna say I was a stoner or something, but he gets hella honest out of nowhere.

“When I die bury me with all my ice on, when I die bury me without the lights on. Lights out. Night lights.”

Is Lil Peep following up on Tracy’s last line in a gravelly yell. Basically, this is when you know it’s lit.

Okay, that’s enough about “WitchBlades”. Charle Shuffler (I always wanna say Charlie Sheppard, because that’s what his DJ tag sounds like) is on the next track “Past the Castle Walls”. Again we have those beautiful claps sprinkled in with space. This one is emotional. Talking about love.

Lederrick and SouljahWitch (Lil Tracy’s producer name) are on production for the final track. The vocal layers here are amazing. Bruh really snapped on this. Peep does alright, but the hook is where it’s at.



Slugga is a 160 bpm footwork/juke producer based out of Chicago. He’s been making waves doing collabs with Violet Systems (fka Kid Entropy). His output is really consistent, with classic vinyl samples and intricate, yet easy to follow beat patterns. “To Tha Skyy” has the same standard of quality. Its well mixed, has a lot going on with plenty of breathing room. “My Delight” is gorgeous, and deserves the feature track spot. I would dance to this at my wedding. “T.S.O.V” is a really cool song that is majestic and (lol, I almost said casual) full of energy.

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