Lil Music Reviews: Yung Lean’s “Warlord” and Miles Farewell’s “Habitual Quitter: I Am No Longer An Adult”

Alan Fearns / Columnist

Miles Farewell, producer of Mona Lisa’s “IDK I’M HAIGH,” MMONA’s “Paige,” and member of Dior Sentai with Paco Escobar, Lautlos and Dankte, dropped his debut album as a solo artist.  After becoming Facebook friends, I had the opportunity to interview Miles about his inspiration for “Habitual Quitter: I Am Not An Adult.”  He also informed me of Morgan Haigh’s new project Triniti and gave shout outs to his friends that motivated him to complete the album.

“I started rapping with my friend Dante (who has gone by Deezerific Vitamins and Dankte) after our garage rock duo split up but I was always kind of more in the background with that. At least maybe that’s how it felt. Him and our friend Michael (rap name Michael Seuss) encouraged me to rap more and do projects of my own. Big ups to them for that,”

Listening to the album is a unique experience compared to most contemporary hip hop, where the lyrics are not driven by sex, drugs or politics as much as depression, fear and happiness.

When asked about the inspiration for his album, Miles replied “Intense self-loathing, basically.”  Compared to artists in a similar vein of hip-hop (Yung Lean, Oliver~, Tive Takashi), Miles sounds the most manic.  He does not hang on to any one emotion, but is flipping through them between tracks.  The few songs referencing molly do not sound serious or drug-dependent and the ones about women are about past relationships or anime.

“We are a team of like-minded who enjoy making music and grew up watching anime and all that good stuff<3… as for the girl of #UHurtinMeGirl, she is thankfully just a mixture of unpleasant experiences I’ve had with both exes and girls I never made anything official with. I try not to make songs about one specific person on the off chance that they listen to it and get embarrassed. Hah.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.02.05 PM

Favorite Tracks:  1, 3, 5, 7!, 9,  10!, 12, 15!!, 16Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.02.11 PM



Opener is good.  Its a little sesh or schemaposse by way of guitar melancholia.

Mike Dean and Karman are some new producers.  Gud and Sherman are collabbing.

Sherm and Gud dish out an impressive beat on “Fantasy” which has a new guy named Lil Flash.

Afghanistan” is about Afghan kush.  We get to hear Whitearmor on the beat with Yung Gud.

“Hoover” is different than anything Yung Lean has done before, unlike the rest of this album.

“Fire” is the most floating.

“Eye Contact” feels slopped on.  Its one of Lean’s slowest in delivery, but the s/o to his enemies was real nice of him.

“More Stacks” reminds me of the transition from “Unknown Death” to “Unknown Memory,” where Lean is trying to be a better singer, and production is branching out with new techniques.

The build into the last chorus of “AF1s” is pretty good.  Unfortunately Ecco2k’s verse wasn’t very impressive.  It was on par with Bladee’s in “Highway Patrol,” but both have done better in their solo material.

“Hocus Pocus” has distorted vocals and the most energy since “Hoover, but less brooding, more uplift.  Bladee is very classic and sincere.  I actually love his voice in this one.

“Shawty U Know What It Do” is super saiyan.

Yung Leandoer goes really hard on “Miami Ultras.” This is no chill.  The distortion make the lyrics blurry, as well as the delay.

“I don’t give a mutherfack, watchin Star Wars smokin pot!”

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