Local bands perform covers for literacy

Kaz Alvarez / Sun Star Reporter

April 5, 2014

Shagg's trumpet player providing a key component for the Cake's music.

Shagg’s trumpet player providing a key component for the Cake’s music.

The Great Cover Up packed the Pub Saturday night for the Great Cover Up and raised $ 1,200 for the Literacy Council of Alaska.

The UAF Concert Board has brought local bands in to perform covers since 2006, when they took over the event from the Student Activities Office. The event features Fairbanks bands who choose popular groups

and artists to cover. These choices are meant to be kept a secret right up until they step onto the stage.

A majority of this year’s lineup was within the rock genre, from metal to alternative.

The five man group Awaken Antagonists covered 80s metal group Pantera. Grandad chose to cover Avril Lavigne and dressed the part. The all male group invested in some quality wigs and school girl clothing. Pub patrons sang along to popular hits like “Sk8er Boi,” “Complicated,” and “Girlfriend.”

The Arctic Monkeys were covered by Fluorescent Adolescent in clown costumes. The group, of course, played Fluorescent Adolescent for the Pub. Rage Against the Machine, a crowd favorite, was covered by Alaska Redd Renegades of Funk.

Avery Wolves covered Motorhead and used an upright bass to do it. Rivers of Mercury brought Queens of the Stone Age to the stage.

A gentle but adamant mosh pit had formed early on in the night in front of the stage. However the next group brought more dancing to the floor. Hamburger Time, in cool shades and books around their necks, covered Biggy Small.

Lead singer of Shagg belting out Cake's lyrics.

Lead singer of Shagg belting out Cake’s lyrics.

Ending the night, Shagg brought back Cake classics for the crowd and packed the dance floor. The trumpet and cowbell sounds that fill Cake’s music were noticeably present. The group covered popular hits “Short Skirt, Long Jacket,” “Never There” and “The Distance.”

This well attended event generated a line of people from the Pub doors to the lower campus entrance of the Wood Center by 7:30. 240 patrons paid $5 to get into the event after waiting from 20 minutes to an hour. All proceeds were donated to the Literacy Council of Alaska to help them in their mission to promote literacy for people of all ages.

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