Local bands perform creative covers at Pub

Brady Gross/Sun Star Reporter
April 9, 2013

Micheal Jackson, covered by Shagg, electrified the crowd on Saturday night at the UAF Pub 'Great Cover Up.' April 6, 2013. Adam Taylor/Sun Star

Micheal Jackson, covered by Shagg, electrified the crowd on Saturday night at the UAF Pub ‘Great Cover Up.’ April 6, 2013. Adam Taylor/Sun Star

Local musicians and bands covered a range of popular artists from Johnny Cash to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s at the 12th Annual Great Cover Up. UAF Concert Board hosted the event and raised approximately $1,500 charging a $5 cover at the door for the Literacy Council of  Alaska on April 6, 2013 at the UAF Pub.

The Great Cover Up began in 2000 as a Students Activities event. In 2006 Concert Board began to host the event. Historically known as one of the most popular nights at the Pub, UAF students and community members began standing in line to get in as early as 6 p.m., two hours before the doors opened. Elliott Jacksch, a senior Mathematics student was the first in line at the Pub’s doors. The line began a winding path that extended all the way into the second level of the Wood Center. “I get beer and a nice table!” Jacksch said about his reason for ensuring his prime spot before the doors opened at 8 p.m. “Man, I should have shown up a hour ago,” Seth Hawkins said, a Masters Counseling student who was further down the line.

“Allan-bama Moon,” the first act, took the stage just before 8:45 p.m. and their lead singer announced, “I am not Johnny Cash.” It became clear imitating that distinctive bass-baritone voice, Allan-Bama Moon was entirely the “Man in Black” from their spines to their swagger. Setting a high bar for the rest of the evening, Allan-bama Moon performed high energy numbers such as “Folsom Prison Blues” and “I’ve Been Everywhere” to the lesser known track “Orange Blossom Special.” The already-at-capacity Pub audience displayed a high level of excitement and energy as attendees danced and bobbed their heads the entire set.

The energy only grew from the crowd as performers covered popular bands such as Alice in Chains, Liz Phair and Mumford and Sons. Leah MacSwain, Wildlife Biology student and lead vocalist of Sweet Premium admitted to being a little nervous about covering Mumford and Sons. “We want to represent the band really well in Alaska,” MacSwain said.

Rivers of Mercury, a five piece local band, performed next and covered Rage Against the Machine. Luke Fry, lead vocalist and a senior Elementary Education student said they performed last year as Muse and were excited to get back on stage. “Everyone we know is going to be here,” Fry said. Rivers of Mercury said they had been practicing since the new year and felt fortunate to be performing right after Mumford and Sons. While taking the stage after Mumford didn’t hurt, as soon as the first few notes of that iconic riff from “Bulls on Parade” hit, the crowd went wild. Halfway through the set, Fry thanked the crowd profusely and said he couldn’t ask for a better crowd to drive the energy Rage Against the Machine produces.

A change of pace took the stage as the duo of Nick Meurlott and Daniel Firmin performed as “Dangerlot” covering fictitious band from last year’s Cover Up, “Band of Zorses.” Dangerlot donned full squirrel suits and performed only one ridiculous song with the singular theme of  “Instagram that shit!” before smashing their keyboard and scattering off stage.

Around 11:30 p.m. Swagg took the stage and covered Michael Jackson with a full jazz section covering the beats. Like the King of Pop himself, the entirety of the Pub couldn’t keep their dance moves a secret any longer. “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” to “Beat It” to “Thriller,” Swagg kept the crowd moving and sweaty.

“Rachel Elmer’s Band” closed out the night covering the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s that featured songs like “Maps,” “Gold Lion” and “Y-Control.” Rachel Elmer, a senior English student, performed as lead vocalist and looked extremely excited to be apart of the Cover Up as a performer for the first time. Elmer said she had fun practicing for the event with friends. “I’m going to start a band – I want to start a band!” Elmer said.

Time lapse video by Adam Taylor/Sun Star


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  1. Rivers of Mercury says:

    I just wanted to let you know the name of the band that covered Rage Against The Machine was Rivers of Mercury, NOT SOLID 68.

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  3. SOLID 68 says:

    True we covered Alice In Chains

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