Make sure to enjoy your summer in Fairbanks

Elika Roohi / Sun Star Reporter
March 15, 2011

Students that are planning on sticking around Fairbanks this summer are in luck.  There’s going to be a lot going on.

First of all, there are summer classes.

“We offer [more than] 300 courses,” said Michelle Bartlett, the director of Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning, “Courses that are hard to get into during the year, we offer during the summer.”

These courses range from core classes to classes such as kayaking, biking, yoga, or cooking classes.

One of the perks of attending summer classes is the cost.

“It’s cheaper,” Bartlett said.

During Summer Sessions all students can pay the instate tuition rate, allowing out of state students to take classes at nearly a third of the regular cost.  Summer Sessions also offers tuition awards.  To be eligible for a tuition award, you have to be taking a class in your degree and you have to get a C or better in the course.

“We awarded 88 last year,” said Bartlett.

Another economic incentive is this year’s new program, the Sweet Summer Deal, where students sign up for 14 credits but pay for only 10 of them. There’s also a 28 percent discount on campus housing with the Sweet Summer Deal if students want to stay on campus this summer.

All these summer classes are a way to keep on track for graduation.

“It takes the average student six years to gradate,” Bartlett said, “And it should only take four.”

Students who are planning on working this summer might want to take advantage of Maymester, which occurs the first two weeks after school is out.

There are 15 courses offered, most of them core classes, and students can knock out a couple of credits in two weeks.

“Summer isn’t just about courses,” said Bartlett.

The summer is a popular time for campus and community events.

Movies are shown every Thursday night in Schaible Auditorium, and every Monday night is Family Cultural Night.  In addition to that, there are lectures, shows and concerts given on campus throughout the summer.

This summer’s line up includes NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

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  1. Lucious Malfoy says:

    Don’t forget that the Sun Star will also be hosting an exclusive Up-and-Coming Reporter/Photographer Boot Camp come summer. Or so I’ve heard. If you, or someone you know, is going to be a freshmen next year (and enjoys writing and taking pictures) they should definitely contact the editor.

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