March 7 ‘Nook on the Street

Strategic Pathways is in its second phase and is considering cuts to a number of programs and departments. However, attendance has been consistently low at forums intended to give the student body a chance to provide input. This week we asked students, as a student, what do you think we should be doing to make our voices heard?

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“I think repetition is a good thing. Just completely going over issues with them repeatedly over and over again because it’s a good way to show that you are actually into what you are asking for and also I think it depends on who you talk to about it, having connections. So, I think those are all ways where you can actually have your voice heard." -Hunter Meltvedt, business, freshman Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“If we could have more of closer contact with the faculty and staff to develop these views and I think if there’s more going on at the department level, taking class time to discuss what’s going on with the Strategic Pathways and how that impacts the university. And how it impacts the department and how it impacts you, the individual student. I want to be heard at that level first, before I am heard at the higher level.” -Katelyn Bushnell, economics, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“Well going would be a good place to start, but I feel like I haven’t heard about any of these forums, so I think the advertisement is lacking. Like, I get what feels like 30 emails a day from the higher ups and one of those was probably about this forum, but that’s not necessarily the greatest way to reach the student body. So maybe some posters or something so people actually know what’s going on. The general feel though is that, even though our voice is heard, we have no real impact and regardless of what we say, they’re going to do what they want to do anyways.” -John Shank, linguistics, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I think it might be easier for people if there were an online forum, either that or emails that people can aggregate or an online meeting place because it's sort of hard to get around. The shuttle can be inconsistent and especially because during the day you have classes, which can be very time consuming.” -Sevastian Volkov, biology, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“I guess to engage more students you have to use different venues because not every student is going to be the type of person that wants to attend a forum and necessarily speak up. But students will often use online venues, which is a good way to do it. I think just having a variety of means to do it instead of having just one is good." -Michaela Pye, natural resource management, junior Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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“They could maybe have food at these meetings or a raffle. Give people some more incentive to go to these meetings and not only have their voices heard, but like, also get a dinner out of it.” -Tate Miles, biological sciences, sophomore Photo credit: Maximilian Erickson

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