Spoiler Alert: Marvel Now Top 5

John Seiler/Sun Star Columnist
October 18, 2012

Marvel Now! Most Anticipated list

Publisher: Marvel Comics

With the end of Marvel’s big event book of the year, Avengers vs. X-Men, the beginning of a new chapter of the Marvel Universe starts. Unlike last years “New 52” from DC Comics, “Marvel Now” will be a new jumping on point for new fans that won’t disregard prior story lines. Besides being a new chapter for characters, this is also a new start for a lot of creators. Veterans like Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers) and Ed Brubaker (Captain America) are moving on to other titles, while new blood is stepping in to put there spin on iconic characters. With more books being announced of the next couple of months, the following are what I’m most excited to read.

1. Young Avengers #1
Writer- Kieron Gillen (Journey into Mystery)
Artist- Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram)

With Gillen finishing his run on the amazing “Journey into Mystery,” “Young Avengers” is easily the book I’m looking forward to most.  Re-teaming up with his Phonogram partner, Gillen and McKelvie are the current masters of telling teen storytelling. With a blend of current members like Wiccan and Hawkeye with new teammates like Loki and Miss America Chavez, it looks like a huge blast.

2. Avengers Arena #1
Writer- Dennis Hopeless (X-Men Season 1)
Artist- KevWalker (Thunderbolts)

This is one of the more polarizing books of the Marvel Now. Arcade has kidnapped teen characters from The Runaways, X-Men and Avengers Academy and forces them to fight to the death. People have made the comparison to “Battle Royale” with negative intent, but with the amazing art of Walker and a great up and coming writer in Hopeless, I think these characters are in good hands.

3. FF #1
Writer- Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man)
Artist- Mike Allred (X-Statix)

One of the things that got my back in to comics was Mike Allred’s art. He’s become an artist that I’ll buy any project he’s a part of, and this book sounds like a Mike Allred title. With the Fantastic Four in space, FF (Ant-Man, She Hulk, Medusa and Miss Thing) takes over as the earth’s protectors.

4. Captain America #1
Writer- Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force)
Artist-  John Romita Jr (Kick-Ass)

I never was a big Captain America fan, but this looks to good.  Rick Remender has been one of my favorite writers in comics and putting his spin Marvels main hero sounds promising. In interviews with Newsarama, Remender has brought up that he’s going more for a big adventure, Sci-Fi with spy fantasy, which sounds like my kind of thing. Also, the early art that has come out from Romita looks fantastic.

5. Deadpool #1
Writer- Brian Posehn and Gerry Dugan
Artist- Tony Moore (The Walking Dead)

This was the biggest surprise so far of the Marvel Now. This I believe is Comedian Brian Posehn’s first comic work teaming with Gerry Dugan (The Infinite Horizon). Along with the phenomenal Tony Moore, this looks more and more like a Deadpool book I can finally get in to.

Honorable Mention: Journey into Mystery #646 by Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schiti

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