Maymester and Wintermester Not Going Anywhere

Amanda Craig / Sun Star

In the face of implementation of a common calendar, May- and Wintermester will not be affected. The mini-semesters, made available twice a year for students to take a 3-credit class over nine days, is intended to aid UAF students in completing the classes within their four, five, and six-year plans.

“I don’t know where this rumor got started,” Michelle Bartlett, director of Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning, said, addressing the on-campus rumors that the mini-semesters would no longer be available. “But they’re not going away. The Board of Regents wants the whole statewide system to have a common calendar, so the discussion is not are they going away, but could they fit in the new calendar? And they can.”

In 2014, the University of Alaska Board of Regents approved a common academic calendar for all campuses under the UA system in an attempt to improve graduation rates, simplify administrative processes and provide better service to UA students.

The recent and future budget cuts have no effect whatsoever on Wintermester and Maymester, according to Bartlett.

“We have created an opportunity for students to help them get through school,” Bartlett said. “SSLL operates on the money brought in from tuition, and we do so much to continue to fund this program because it is so valuable to our students.”

Aside from Wintermester and Maymester, Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning’s operations include 19 summer day camps, educational travel opportunities and hosting lecturers like Gloria Steinham and Neal Brown. Students may participate in the Summer Sweet Deal, where students take 14 credits while paying only for 10, if the student passes all classes with a C or better.

There are still openings available for 2016 Wintermester and time for students to register, according to Bartlett.

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