MBS complex lobby under construction

by Anessia Hubler

Sun Star

Many students in the MBS dorms have taken notice of the ongoing construction throughout the building. Under construction are the entryway of MBS, the Campus Cache and all the dorm entryways. The different construction projects began in early October and some won’t end until January.

“I’m excited to see what they will come up for the place,” freshman electrical engineering student, Brendan Scott, said.

The construction on the MBS building is taking place because some areas need to be updated. The school wants to make the building more comfortable for the students.

“Other than making the building up to date we want to give the students a nice welcoming place to sit and enjoy themselves,” said Rick Danielson, Residence Life facilities manager. The construction may be noticeable, but most students don’t mind it, like freshman mining engineering student, Dylan Webb, who said, “It is not affecting me in anyway, and it sounds like it’s going to be a big improvement.”

“Some of the construction has started now, but most will not happen till the students go on Christmas break, so we can stay out of their way the most we can,” Danielson said.

The money to pay for the construction comes from student housing fees, Danielson said. Even though there are many new projects taking place at MBS, the student housing fee will not be affected by them in any way.

Construction on the front entryway started late October and will last until mid January, according to flyers handed out to students and the Residence Life website. Workers will be putting in new doors with clear glass windows. A new shuttle tracking monitor inside the doorway will allow students to see where the UAF shuttle is from inside the building. New lighting and flooring will also be added.

Construction on the MBS front office will start in early December and go to mid January. Constructors will be extending the office wall to include a new office window to improve customer service by cutting down the waiting time to get help.

Updates to the Media Center will remove the rock wall decorations and put up a normal, white wall. Construction workers will also put in new digital media signs and a corkboard for people to post notices and flyers.

There will also be updates to the water filters in the MBS building.

“I’m most excited for the new water fountain filters,” Scott said.

“Right now there is only one water filter in the main entrance way of the MBS, but Residence Life is hoping to put them into every dorm area and one day all throughout the campus,” Danielson said.

Construction on the new lobby started in late October and will end in late January. Updates include new lounge seating, internet outlets, new windows that offer a view of the Alaska Range and new flooring. “We are hoping to make the lobby a more inviting place for students and visitors,” Danielson said.

If you would like to follow the progress of the construction you can go to the Residence Life webpage or the Residence Life Facebook page.

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