Meeting ends in multiple revotes


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Faculty Awards

Several senators realized only after the vote had been finalized for Outstanding Faculty and Staff awards that they could also put forth nominations. Further confusion arose when it was pointed out that the bylaws regarding the award stated “at least one” person was to be granted each award per year. The phrasing allowed for multiple people to be given awards. Thus their first attempt at giving out the Outstanding Staff Award ended with all four nominations being approved.

ASUAF Vice President Dawson Mann, then pointed out that each recipient of the award would receive a plaque that would cost $75 to make. This money was coming out of a total budget of $250, therefore they would be going over budget with all four nominees receiving the award. A motion to only have one award winner was passed and they revoted once again for both awards.

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills,” said Cordero Reid, a senator, partway through the voting process.

After a brief period of logistical organizing during which a vote on how best to vote for candidates was taken, they were left with Anvil Williamson as the winner of the Outstanding Staff Award and Jeremy Spade as the winner of the Outstanding Staff Award.

Tradition Stone

ASUAF also approved a $300 reward for the return of the lost Tradition Stone. The stone marks a time period in which alcohol was banned on campus and has been missing from Starvation Gulch for three years. The stone is normally stolen by campus clubs or traded for alcohol.

Indigenous Peoples

ASUAF made a declaration of support for Indigenous Peoples Day which Gov. Bill Walker formerly recognized in October 2016.


Senators approved the appointment of Daniel Vaziri as the newest ASUAF Senator.

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