Miller, McAdams debate the issues at ASUAF event

By Daniel Thoman
Sun Star Reporter

Republican Candidate, Joe Miller (left) and Democratic Candidate, Scott McAdams discussed national and state issues at the 2010 Senate Debate hosted by ASUAF on Oct.-22.

On Friday, Oct. 22, the UAF hosted a senatorial debate between two of the three candidates in the race, Joe Miller and Scott McAdams. The third candidate, Lisa Murkowski, was invited but declined to attend.  ASUAF, the student government, sponsored the debate, which was moderated by journalism professor Brian O’Donoghue.

On many issues, Miller’s response was that “government is not the answer.” These issues included education and healthcare. McAdams disagreed, stating that the federal government should work with the state and local government more, citing his own experiences in “standing on his head” when trying to work with the national government as mayor of Sitka. McAdams stated that “there are three hundred villages in Alaska, even Anchorage,” citing the state’s lack of infrastructure.

The issue of net neutrality was also raised for the first time in the campaign. Net neutrality is the idea that the internet should be open, without restriction on site or hardware usage. Miller did not say whether or not he supported net neutrality, but instead opted to say that he supported freedom of speech. McAdams said that he supported net neutrality.

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