Miller talks economy at SWEET event

By JR Ancheta

Former US senate candidate Joe Miller discussed the nation’s economy Thursday, Feb. 3, at the Wood Center Ball Room. The event was hosted as part of a lecture series by Students Who Enjoy Economic

Joe Miller speaks to SIFE advisor, Sherri Wall, prior to his talk on the status of the Economy on Thursday at the Wood Center Ball Room. JR Ancheta/Sun Star

Thinking (SWEET). The talk, entitled “Hard times are Coming: National Economic Folly and Alaska’s Future,” drew an audience of approximately 50 students and community members.

“If we don’t address these issues, the end result of that, I think, is going to be catastrophic for the country,” Miller said. A majority of Miller’s speech referred to the national debt of $14.1 trillion and how it has increased exponentially.  “The campaign made it very clear the reason where we’re at is a bipartisan issue. Both parties have gotten us to the point where we’re at.” Miller said that the national debt would challenge the nation’s ability to deal with its debtors, such as China.

The Chinese government poses a major concern, Miller said. “In a military sense, [China is] approaching us in a most hostile way.” Miller claims that the idea of national security is tied to the national debt.

Miller said that Alaska is stable compared to other states because of its natural resources and a $12 billion budget reserve. Miller said that will change soon though, adding that the “era of earmarks is over.”

Joe Miller (left) speaks to SWEET member, Aaron Lojewski before addressing an audience of fifty at the Wood Center Ball Room Thursday. JR Ancheta/Sun Star

“We’ve got to prepare for the day, which is soon to come, where we have significantly reduced expenditures and significantly reduced revenues from the federal government,” Miller said.

SWEET is a project under Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), another student organization from UAF’s School of Management Program. In previous semesters, the SWEET Lecture series has brought guests ranging from senators, business delegates, state legislators, and even a former director of NASA.

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