Miss Euphoria

This is my first time asking you a question and I’m so excited. I never thought that the Sun Star would let you write for them again this year

Well they are. I am as shocked as you are! I even heard something about getting a bonus because I helped them come up with some ways to cut a bunch of other people, it’s a very exciting time for me.

Is it rude to spit out cum moments after someone shoots in your mouth? I don’t want to seem rude but I don’t like to swallow or even taste it that long.

It’s not rude, in fact some guys find it hot. Maybe next time have him warn you so that you can have it land somewhere else.

Miss Euphoria, when my boyfriend ties me up I have this fantasy of tying him up as well. I’d love to talk to him about it but he’s always the dom and not interested in anything else. What do you suggest?

Have you talked about opening up your relationship and exploring this side of yourself? If he’s unwilling to participate in this part of your sexual life, it’s a good idea to get someone else involved who will.

My boyfriend offered to pay my rent this semester, does this make me committed to him or…?

This sounds a lot like traditional marriage… you know: where the guy buys the girl and he lives happily ever after while she lives ever after as well? I would not get into this kind of situation if I were you. Independence is the best.

Miss Euphoria, my boyfriend broke up with me this summer but then he’s been calling me over for booty calls. I want to go but I also want something more. Do you think I should or do you think I should stay away

Well its sounds like he doesn’t have much to offer you besides what he has put on the table. If that’s not good enough, go get something else that is, but if it were me I’d probably be heading over there now.

Miss Euphoria, my girlfriend has been gambling too much. Should I be concerned?

You mean she’s been taking bonus money for things she hasn’t done? Yes you should be concerned… stage a protest or something!

People are telling me that my boyfriend is trying to buy with expensive dinners and gifts. My friends all think I should not be around him and that he only wants to have sex with him. Do you think he appreciates me for who I am?

Well if your friends tell you something, they are probably not wrong – especially if a lot of them are saying it. I’m a big fan of expensive dinners and gifts though and if I were you, I’d milk that.

Hello, I recently had blood come out the front when I farted and I was wondering…

I’m going to stop you right there. Go to a doctor or the health center on campus. I can’t deal with this today!

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